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Charles, here's one.  "The Omphalos and the Oracle," L. Durrell, Archaeology Odyssey, Sep/Oct 2001.  The article is a reprint of Durrell's earlier "Delphi" piece (no idea how the editor, Hershel Shanks got the rights to print).  Durrell is used as a lead to the main article on "Eros in Egypt," which is excellent, written by a famous Egyptologist, David O'Connor, who analyzes the representation of sexuality in Ancient Egyptian art.  (Fascinating topic, indeed.)  The blurb on Durrell has a short bio of him, including the egregious error that he fled Cyprus during the 1974 Turkish invasion.  Myth making in progress.  Anyway, Durrell was clearly chosen as a locus classicus, the starting point for a discussion of sex in the Eastern Mediterranean and Ancient Egypt.


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>Thanks, Marc.  I had read that NYTIMES piece some time ago, but you have 
>helped to bring it out.
>We are creating something of a dossier with our documents.  All of these 
>are notes towards a Durrellian Archive.  What do they tell us?
>Whereas Durrell has slipped badly in academic accounts of 
>twentieth-century literary history, I find that in treatments of place 
>and travel--especially journalistic accounts of place and 
>travel--Durrell is still a strong reference point.  If a newspaper 
>article in the Guardian or the New York Times treats Corfu or Cyprus or 
>Alexandria, then Durrell is still invoked as having something to say.  
>That heartens me.
>I encourage anyone with Durrellian news or articles to submit here on 
>the ILDS listserv and to submit often.  This ILDS listserv, sponsored 
>and facilitated by people in the academy and read and built by a larger 
>general audience, can do its part to undo the past neglect.

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