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On 7/6/2007 3:44 PM, Marc Piel wrote:

Thanks, Marc.  I had read that NYTIMES piece some time ago, but you have 
helped to bring it out.

We are creating something of a dossier with our documents.  All of these 
are notes towards a Durrellian Archive.  What do they tell us?

Whereas Durrell has slipped badly in academic accounts of 
twentieth-century literary history, I find that in treatments of place 
and travel--especially journalistic accounts of place and 
travel--Durrell is still a strong reference point.  If a newspaper 
article in the Guardian or the New York Times treats Corfu or Cyprus or 
Alexandria, then Durrell is still invoked as having something to say.  
That heartens me.

I encourage anyone with Durrellian news or articles to submit here on 
the ILDS listserv and to submit often.  This ILDS listserv, sponsored 
and facilitated by people in the academy and read and built by a larger 
general audience, can do its part to undo the past neglect.


Charles L. Sligh
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