[ilds] Stendhal and Wyndham Lewis

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I too would be very interested in the Wyndham Lewis connection--and does 
anyone know if Lewis ever traveled to Egypt?  quite curious--Pamela Francis 
(who is slightly--and only slightly, given the contexts and participants--to 
the long discussion on Ugly Women.  One would think that the listserve is 
trying to compose country and western songs....

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>Can someone answer Sumantra's question about Stendhal?  Long time ago, he 
>also asked about Durrell basing Pursewarden's characterization on Wyndham 
>Lewis, which I also heard somewhere.  No one answered that question either.
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> >"...Or is Durrell or Stendhal or both ..."
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> >Stendhal has been mentioned somewhere as a "master" for Lawrence Durrell 
> >references to the influence of Stendhal on Durrell have cropped up in
> >writings whose references I cannot now recall. In particular there is a
> >suggestion that Lawrence Durrell valued the practice of "writing fast" as
> >Stendhal was reputed to have done.
> >
> >Any illumination please, on the link between Durrell and Stendhal?
> >
> >Sumantra
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