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> Thanks, Charles. some of the images are marvelously evocative of the 
> time. If one had the time one might download the appropriate images, 
> print 'em and insert them in the appropriate places in Bitter Lemons.
>         Brewster

My pleasure, Brewster.

I have not been back to read /Bitter Lemons/ in many years.  So far I am 
enjoying the moments of remembrance and surprise.  And then Bob 
Montgomery springs up and shows us these wonderful black & white 
glimpses of a world now gone a great while. 

On that same site Bob has plenty of other interesting accounts and 
pictures of his service years--being called up, taking a holiday in 
1950s Turkey, &c.  Readers experience something uncanny while reading 
all of this extensive, detailed reminisce written by someone about whom 
they know nothing else.

I had written about things "exploding."  Note Bob's pictures of 
buildings post-explosion.


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