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Well, "in passing" doesn't count either.  M. M. Drake can't qualify as a numinous woman.  A few guidelines should be laid down for the "numinous woman."  I suggested that she be

1.  beautiful
2.  elusive
3.  ubiquitous
4.  a "real presence" (G. Steiner).

Other qualities welcomed.


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>She gets mentioned in passing.  So does his 'daughter', but no mother 
>is mentioned -- again, a man on an island with an unexplained little 
>girl.  He is far more forthcoming about the hermaphrodites.
>On Friday, July 6, 2007, at 02:55  pm, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>> Is M. M. Drake in the story?  Numinous women outside the narrative 
>> don't count.
>> Bruce
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>>> But Marie Millington Drake was not a Cypriot.  All Cypriot women are
>>> ugly, we are told.  And the island is infested with hermaphrodites,
>>> which I do not think Marie was either.
>>> :Michael
>>> On Friday, July 6, 2007, at 09:15  am, Richard Pine wrote:
>>>> Marie Millington Drake was, apparently, very beautiful. She was also
>>>> the
>>>> author of at least 2 (unpublished) novels which are now in the LD
>>>> collection
>>>> at Carbondale - and she was the deceased muse who prompted his trip 
>>>> to
>>>> Sicily - with disastrous literary results, as at least one member of
>>>> this
>>>> group will agree. RP
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>>>>> Well, Michael, my comments aren't welcomed, but that won't stop me.
>>>>> But
>>>>> yes, I think you're identified a major trope in Durrellian studies:
>>>>> the
>>>>> feminine role in political activism.  It's now plain that Durrell is
>>>>> an
>>>>> unmitigated sexist:  women who abandon their traditional roles also
>>>>> abandon their feminine allure.  Look what happened to Justine after
>>>>> she
>>>>> went off to that kibbutz in Palestine.  She became what?  Some
>>>>> ill-groomed, grubby chicken plucker.  She cut her hair, butch style.
>>>>> She
>>>>> also probably stopped shaving her legs and painting her nails.  She
>>>>> became
>>>>> so disgusting that LD couldn't bear to describe her in his main
>>>>> narrative.
>>>>> That's what activism does to women.  Because of EOKA, Aphrodite of
>>>>> Amathus
>>>>> has fled Cyprus, her birthplace, and left it to the herms, harpies,
>>>>> and
>>>>> maenads (they're lurking under the flowers).  A prize to anyone who
>>>>> finds
>>>>> the numinous woman on Cyprus, circa 1953.
>>>>> Bruce
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>>>>>> We are told in these opening pages of Bitter Lemons of 'the 
>>>>>> unfolding
>>>>>> of the Cyprus tragedy' (page 11) and, perhaps not unconnectedly, 
>>>>>> that
>>>>>> the women are 'Very ugly ... Very ugly indeed' (page 17).  Later we
>>>>>> are
>>>>>> told (page 103) about 'Sir Harry meditating on the double-sexed
>>>>>> Aphrodite whose priests wore beards and whose worshippers inverted
>>>>>> their dress -- and wondering whether the extraordinary number of
>>>>>> hermaphrodites on Cyprus did not betoken some forgotten race, bred
>>>>>> for
>>>>>> the service of the temple'.  Perhaps this explains much.  No 
>>>>>> numinous
>>>>>> women for a start, only bearded EOKA terrorists.  The ugliness of
>>>>>> Cypriot women, and the prevalence of hermaphroditism on the island,
>>>>>> seem to be key themes in the Cyprus tragedy and deserving our
>>>>>> discussion on this list.  Contributions by hermaphrodites and those
>>>>>> of
>>>>>> forgotten race would be especially welcome.
>>>>>> :Michael
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