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Thanks, Charles. some of the images are marvelously evocative of the  time. 
If one had the time one might download the appropriate images, print  'em and 
insert them in the appropriate places in Bitter Lemons.
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Meet Bob Montgomery.  He lived on Cyprus in the  1950s.  I rather like 
his old photos of all of these Durrellian  locales in the 
1950s--especially since Bob took these shots right before  or in the 
moment that Durrell was writing them up for /Bitter Lemons/ and  making 
them "Durrellian."


Go read Bob's "A  different time, a different place" essay and see all of 
his old photos.  

Here is something Bob meant as a prose disclaimer but which reads as a  
little poem.

>              This final part contains the remainder of my pictures.
>     Thus the answer to the question "Do I have  any more ? " 
>             is   No.
>             Some of these seem  more interesting than others.
>           There are pictures I do not remember taking.
>     Some I can only guess what they  show.
>             And there are  others I have absolutely no idea about.

I say thank you, Bob.  




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