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"Kubla Khan," l. 1:  "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan / A stately pleasure dome decree."  The allusion doesn't work for me, unless taken ironically, i.e., the final outcome being anything but.

Another hard nut:  "or on that of a Corvo, flitting like some huge fruit-bat down these light-bewitched alleys. . . . "  What's going on here?  Italian "corvo" = crow, raven.  Why the capital C?  Is it a place name?  Or is Durrell or Stendhal or both on the back of a crow flitting through the back alleys of Venice, prefiguring the Lord of the Rings?


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>"Apparently the hotel was to be an echo of Coleridge" (last page of 
>"Towards an Eastern Landfall.")
>I assume it's the word "Dome" that sets off the echo. But why does 
>Durrell mention it?
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