[ilds] sexism

Michael Haag michaelhaag at btinternet.com
Thu Jul 5 18:48:03 PDT 2007

A.  Why are so many men interested in Durrell studies, i.e. most of the
respondents in the discussion group are male?  Is it because they are
fascinated by Durrell's fantasy women and the world he creates around
them?   - Anna Lillios

> B.    As a member of the Durrell Society, the intent behind my 
> questioning of male readers' attraction to LD's femme fatales is to 
> figure out, in general, how to expand interest in Durrell studies--by 
> gender, race, age, etc--so that his works will survive through the 
> 21st century.  Every time I travel, I go to bookstores and always look 
> to see if his works are on the shelves.  I was recently in the Midwest 
> and didn't find his books, even at the U. of Iowa Bookstore.  I like 
> Bill's term, "diversity in the marketplace of ideas," but the big 
> question is how to create it.  I think we're beyond feeling "tant 
> pis."  - Anna Lillios

Statement A is a sexist leading question.  Statement B seems to bare no 
relationship to statement A.  The proper answer, as I said before, is 
for women to make a greater contribution.


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