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I dont think the BBC was functioning in the sixteenth century, but I am 
prepared to be proved wrong. RP
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> Thanks, RP, but you're not the first on the English stage.
> Ham.  Lady, shall I lie in your lap?
> Oph.  No, my lord.
> Ham.  I mean, my head in your lap.
> Oph.  Ay, my lord.
> Ham.  Do you think I meant country matters?
> Oph.  I think nothing my lord.
> (Ham. III, ii, 110-16)
> Bruce
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>>I was interviewed by the BBC and was asked that question. I said 'Gonde is 
>>hinge, so she is the cunt on which everything hinges'. I thought I might 
>>the first to utter the 'c' word on BBC, but I was dubbed as to say 'She is
>>the cuney on which everything hinges'. RP
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>>> Well, that's Cunegonde all right.  And that's probably the fate of us 
>>> all,
>>> which has its attractions.  By the way, anyone know the etymology of
>>> French Cunegonde?  I'm thinking of puppets, the theater of Punch and 
>>> Judy.
>>> Bruce
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