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A special dispensation will have to be granted the Greens, who are under 50.  Otherwise, they qualify.  I shall consult my medium in touch with LD's spirit -- but no problems, I'm sure.  By the way, is the "six o'clock swill" still a phenomenon in Australia.  An Australian once described it to me, and I think he was serious -- but you never know with Australians.


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>The Greens
>David (age 47) occupation: School teacher (History, English Geography). Previous jobs: Sales representative, freelance writer, picture framer, farm labourer. Hobbies: Pot plants, wine, history, reading Durrell books.
>Denise (age 47) Occupation: travel agent and marriage celebrant. Previous jobs: conference manager, sales representative (minster FM, Yorkshire), research assistant, Australian Film and Television Corp.
>Hobbies: Crested ware at Newington College, wine, reading fiction generally, historic houses trust.
>Note: Denise has read Bitter Lemons, but no other Durrell books. tends to think Durrell was a male chauvenist pig but does agree that he was a witty rascal and an excellent writer.
>Hope this is enough data Bruce.
>David (whitewine)
>PS as of yesterday there are 21 million people in Australia almost all of whom have never heard of Lawrence Durrell. Durrell never came here but he does mention Australia in Bitter Lemons - Mr Honey the alcoholic hole digger is described as trying to dig his way to Australia to escape from Cyprus and make a better life. Perhaps others did too for there are many Greek Cypriots in Australia, most of them in Melbourne, the third largest Greek city in the world after Athens and Thesalonika.
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