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And what about all the inflatable dolls in almost every corner? RP
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>I like "numinous woman."  But what about Martine in Sicilian Carousel?  And 
>Chantal de Legume in Smile in the Mind's Eye?  And Cunegonde in Caesar's 
>Vast Ghost?  I see a pattern here, perhaps a disturbing one.
> Bruce
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>>Always look for that numinous woman in Durrell's work.  When you have
>>found her, you have found Durrell most alive and his writing at its
>>On Wednesday, July 4, 2007, at 05:14  pm, slighcl wrote:
>>> I will follow Michael's account of N. as "presence" with my account of
>>> N. as someone or something "numinous"--that is, a thing of mystery,
>>> brimful of divine presence, as the Victorian Graal poets or perhaps
>>> Santayana would have seen her.
>>> My last question about "N. contrasted with Justine" still interests
>>> me.  Note how Justine is incredibly present as a name in the
>>> Quartet.   She goes from enigma to petty reality (as a peasant in a
>>> commune; then again as a Machiavellian player at the close of Clea)
>>> and then to a new enigma, as if she is able to arrive anew, reborn in
>>> her mystery.
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