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James Gifford gifford at uvic.ca
Thu Jul 5 10:11:21 PDT 2007

Hello Philip,

It sounds like you have the North American Penguin edition, which
comes with the list of characters.  I got Durrell's notes for the
intended revisions out of a Dutton edition (the larger hardcovers with
the stylized "easter" covers).

I don't know what degree of involvement Durrell had with those Penguin
editions, but by that point we do know he was interacting with his
American publishers, so it's likely -- it's also equally possible it
was something tucked in by an editor for the presumably more
mainstream pocketbook audience.

I only picked up a copy of those editions a couple of weeks ago, so I
haven't looked through them in any real detail yet, apart from
noticing the note about the characters that you saw.

Are you at work on Tunc & Nunquam?  Unlike the declaration in _Bitter
Lemons_ that this is not a political book (not something to be taken
literarally, I think), I think _The Revolt of Aphrodite_ qualifies as
unabashedly politicized, though not in a straight forward way.  I've
been at work on Durrell's complicated interactions with anarchist and
socialist through through Surrealist circles in the 1930s and 40s
lately -- let me know if any of that might be of interest.


On 05/07/07, Philip Walsh <bf779 at freenet.carleton.ca> wrote:
> James Gifford wrote on the differences between the British and US
> editions of  "Tunc", and adds:
> > Now I'm hunting for the companion _Nunquam_ volume...
> I recently acquired a copy of the Dutton edition of "Nunquam" and was
> surprised to find that it includes a brief list of the main characters
> and their backgrounds and relationships.  (Could Durrell have written
> these himself or approved them?)  This reminded me of the opening pages
> of the old Perry Mason mystery novels.
> Philip Walsh
> Ottawa, Canada

James Gifford
Department of English
University of Victoria

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