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Yes, another bibliographical note to archive in our ILDS listserv.

Now that I am back at my office, I have sitting before me the 1962 Faber 
one-volume /Quartet /and the 1962 Dutton one-volume /Quartet/.  After a 
quick collation, checking the texts against each other at those 
well-discussed points of potential difference, I can confirm that UK and 
US 1962 /Quartet /printings are equivalent.  (You will never catch a 
conscientious bibliographer saying "identical.") 

I do not find in these Faber and Dutton 1962 one-volumes a transposition 
of the "dedication" and "Note" as mentioned by Bruce.  That does not in 
any way rule out such accidents happening--books share many signs of our 
mortality--and I would be happy to hear reports of other examples.

Bruce, I am happy to say that if you have a Dutton 1962 with that 
variant order the book's value went up just a nudge.


Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
slighcl at wfu.edu

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