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All these points are very interesting, especially no. 4, which I believe is answered with an emphatic yes.  I would also turn the question around and ask, "Why are there so few females active in the discussions?  Do they find Durrell's males uninteresting?"


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>I have a few random remarks.
>1.  I think that Nancy and Eve asked not to be memorialized as characters in LD's fictional and non-fictional works.
>Both strike me as having been discrete, private people who wished to be known to the world on their own merits.
>2.  After meeting Eve Cohen on Rhodes in 2004, I was impressed by the fact that she was an attractive woman in a timeless sense but also nothing at all like my image of Justine in JUSTINE.  I picture Justine as a tall, dark, confident woman at the center of things.  Eve was shy, quiet, and kind.
>3.  I was also fortunate to spend time with Larry when he visited the US in 1986.  We had several lengthy conversations and I can say that I had no problem talking to him and didn't feel gender made any difference.  He had many close female friends, including Anais Nin.  A conversation with him wasn't all about him either.  During the course of my talks with him, he pried out intimate information about me.  Later in his lecture, he addressed some of the issues we had been discussing; thus, I felt he had been truly listening to me and affected by what I had said.
>4.  Why are so many men interested in Durrell studies, i.e. most of the respondents in the discussion group are male?  Is it because they are fascinated by Durrell's fantasy women and the world he creates around them?
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