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4.  Why are so many men interested in Durrell studies, i.e. most of the 
respondents in the discussion group are male?  Is it because they are 
fascinated by Durrell's fantasy women and the world he creates around 
em?   - Anna Illois

Dear Anna and list

1) most of the respondents to this list are 4 - 5 people who all seem to 
know each other quite well.

2) I am male and have much more interest in Durrell's Island books than his 
women, fantasy or otherwise. Unfortunately, interest in the island books - 
as books - appears minimal at this stage.

perhaps we should talk more about Justine's knickers.

3) In reference to the attempted discussions of Bitter Lemons - and Women, 
the following is interesting

"Women are merely a tiresome interruption: they are convinced that they are 
personalities whereas they are simply the collective illustration of a 
biological need or a universal principle. Best enjoyed when least thought 
about, say I." - Durrell to Miller 20 Nov. 1953

The time on Cyprus saw Durrell have to look after Sapho, deal with his 
mother louisa and take on the breakdown on his marriage to Eve. Perhaps a 
jaundiced view.

4) regarding what Australians know about (Bruce) well sure our fame has 
preceded us. it is true we love to pull a cork or six - or get through a 
many a beer solving the problems of the universe before being told to sleep 
it off in the dog-house, but the middle class Aussie male is a jack of all 
trades now; part chef (not cook you will notice), part nappy changer, lover 
of art and culture and reader of bedtime stories - sensative new age lover 
into the bargain. I'm afraid the old "heh love, are you awake?" days are 
well in the past.

David Whitewine
(Australian Chardonnay of course)

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