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Always look for that numinous woman in Durrell's work.  When you have 
found her, you have found Durrell most alive and his writing at its 


On Wednesday, July 4, 2007, at 05:14  pm, slighcl wrote:
> I will follow Michael's account of N. as "presence" with my account of 
> N. as someone or something "numinous"--that is, a thing of mystery, 
> brimful of divine presence, as the Victorian Graal poets or perhaps 
> Santayana would have seen her. 
> My last question about "N. contrasted with Justine" still interests 
> me.  Note how Justine is incredibly present as a name in the 
> Quartet.   She goes from enigma to petty reality (as a peasant in a 
> commune; then again as a Machiavellian player at the close of Clea) 
> and then to a new enigma, as if she is able to arrive anew, reborn in 
> her mystery.
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