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Marc Piel says,

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>>Sorry Bruce, I am just arguing that some have 
>>successfully carried out research that show that 
>>Freud was not wrong; you therfore are wrong to 
>>treat him as a fraud. This is the case of the 
>>argument that becomes he who accuses accuses himself.
>>I might also add that your gut feeling, misleads 
>>you and you won't admit it!

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I say Freud was a fraud because he falsified his research and case histories to fit his theories.  A South Korean vetenarian/geneticist recently did something similar in the "cloning" of human embryos and was exposed, discredited, and punished.

Here is Fred Crews in Follies of the Wise (2006) reviewing Allen Esterson's Seductive Mirage:  An Exploration of the Works of Sigmund Freud (1993):  "And even when he [Freud] felt secure enough to admit his seduction mistake and turn it to rhetorical advantage, he continued to adulterate the facts.  In 1896 the alleged seducers of infants were said to have been governesses, teachers, servants, strangers, and siblings, but in later descriptions Freud retroactively changed most of them to fathers so that a properly oedipal spin could be placed on the recycled material.  At every stage, earlier acts of fakery and equivocation were compounded by fresh ones.  And this pattern, as Esterson shows in devastating detail, holds for the entirety of Freud's pychoanalytic career" (p. 34).

That is fraud.


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