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On 7/3/2007 3:47 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:

>I was wrong about the fonts -- they're the same.
I am getting crossed signals here, Bruce.  I read your earlier note 
about the typefaces as referring to differences between the Faber 1957 
/Justine /and the Faber 1962 /Quartet/.  Those are definitely different 

The Dutton 1962 /Quartet /was printed in the UK.  As you might imagine, 
the US Dutton and the UK Fabers are set in the same typefaces. 

And that tricking about with the epigraphs and the note seems to be 
house practice at Dutton.  I wonder if Dutton was required to do that in 
order to distinguish their books from the Faber UKs?   It does not make 
sense, but then quite a bit about 19th and 20th century publishing looks 
terribly provincial and antique in these more globalized days of the 
book trade--e.g., references to "dominions" and "Empire" &c.


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