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Marc, if you want to apply "selected fictions" to how we interpret Freud, then the choice is there for you to make.  If you want believe that Freud's theory of repression results from sexual abuse in childhood, then that's your choice.  I am not a scientist, but those who are have looked for proof of Freud's theory and have found none.  I'll follow their judgment.


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>>I can't help coming back to a quotation of LD "we 
>>each live selected fictions". (Not the exact 
>>words, but the exact meaning).
>>Bruce Redwine wrote:
>>> Yes, absolutely.  Read carefully what I previously said about the "framework" of human mind/consciousness vs. the mythology to account for same.  There's a tremendous difference between the two.  Solms hasn't proved anything about Freud's crackpot theories of the origins of repression -- in fact, he conveniently avoids discussing them.  Did you read the J. Allan Hobson's piece?:  "Psychoanalysis is in big trouble, and no amount of neurobiological tinkering can fix it" (p. 89).
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>>>>so bruce, how does this sustain your "gut 
>>>>For decades, Freudian concepts such as ego, id and 
>>>>repressed desires
>>>>dominated psychology and psychiatry’s attempts to 
>>>>cure mental illnesses.
>>>>But better understanding of brain chemistry 
>>>>gradually replaced this model
>>>>with a biological explanation of how the mind 
>>>>arises from neuronal activity.
>>>>The latest attempts to piece together diverse 
>>>>neurological findings, however,
>>>>are leading to a chemical framework of the mind 
>>>>that validates the general
>>>>sketch Freud made almost a century ago. A growing 
>>>>group of scientists are
>>>>eager to reconcile neurology and psychiatry into a 
>>>>unified theory.

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