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Yes, absolutely.  Read carefully what I previously said about the "framework"
of human mind/consciousness vs. the mythology to account for same.  There's 
a tremendous difference between the two.  Solms hasn't proved anything about
Freud's crackpot theories of the origins of repression -- in fact, he conveniently
avoids discussing them.  Did you read the J. Allan Hobson's piece?:  "Psychoanalysis
is in big trouble, and no amount of neurobiological tinkering can fix it" (p.


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>so bruce, how does this sustain your "gut 
>For decades, Freudian concepts such as ego, id and 
>repressed desires
>dominated psychology and psychiatry’s attempts to 
>cure mental illnesses.
>But better understanding of brain chemistry 
>gradually replaced this model
>with a biological explanation of how the mind 
>arises from neuronal activity.
>The latest attempts to piece together diverse 
>neurological findings, however,
>are leading to a chemical framework of the mind 
>that validates the general
>sketch Freud made almost a century ago. A growing 
>group of scientists are
>eager to reconcile neurology and psychiatry into a 
>unified theory.
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