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Hello Bruce,
It seems to me that your "gut reactions" are often 
proven "à coté de la plaque".
Perhaps you should keep them to yourself. No 
offence meant, but there is a time when one should 
be able to take stock and come to a conclusion!

Bruce Redwine wrote:

> Michael:
> Yes, a perverse way to credit the discreditable -- that's my gut reaction.  And isn't that just like Durrell?  I also find the name puzzling:  Ahmed (Islamic?) Zananiri (Italian or European?).  Maybe such weird combinations were common in syncretic Alexandria -- you would know -- but it strikes me as odd and possibly reinforces the oxymoron of "pole-star criminal."
> Bruce
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>>Ah, interesting: so you think that to be a pole-star criminal is a 
>>positive attribute, not a deviation from a positive attribute.  Or if a 
>>deviation, then an admirable one.
>>On Tuesday, July 3, 2007, at 03:13  pm, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>>>Cf. the dedication to the Menuhins in Sicilian Carousel:  "For Diana 
>>>and Yehudi, fixed stars."  Pole-stars or fixed stars are positive 
>>>attributes.  Nor do I know of any maleficent stars in Durrell's 
>>>universe.  This doesn't explain Ahmed Zananiri, but the epithet 
>>>suggests, to me, a paradox or oxymoron.  Whoever the guy is, Durrell 
>>>admires him.
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>>>>Before we crash out of Justine, there is something I am curious about
>>>>in the last section, what Durrell initially called Consequential Data
>>>>and later called Work Points.
>>>>There are the character-squeezes.  Some of these people are characters
>>>>in Justine, and some are not.  There is one that particularly arouses
>>>>my interest, and that is 'Ahmed Zananiri: pole-star criminal'.  
>>>>knew a Zananiri in Alexandria (his first name was Gaston, and he 
>>>>in some measure as the model for Balthazar); but what does 'pole-star
>>>>criminal' bring to mind?
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