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Yes, a perverse way to credit the discreditable -- that's my gut reaction.  And isn't that just like Durrell?  I also find the name puzzling:  Ahmed (Islamic?) Zananiri (Italian or European?).  Maybe such weird combinations were common in syncretic Alexandria -- you would know -- but it strikes me as odd and possibly reinforces the oxymoron of "pole-star criminal."


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>Ah, interesting: so you think that to be a pole-star criminal is a 
>positive attribute, not a deviation from a positive attribute.  Or if a 
>deviation, then an admirable one.
>On Tuesday, July 3, 2007, at 03:13  pm, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>> Cf. the dedication to the Menuhins in Sicilian Carousel:  "For Diana 
>> and Yehudi, fixed stars."  Pole-stars or fixed stars are positive 
>> attributes.  Nor do I know of any maleficent stars in Durrell's 
>> universe.  This doesn't explain Ahmed Zananiri, but the epithet 
>> suggests, to me, a paradox or oxymoron.  Whoever the guy is, Durrell 
>> admires him.
>> Bruce
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>>> Before we crash out of Justine, there is something I am curious about
>>> in the last section, what Durrell initially called Consequential Data
>>> and later called Work Points.
>>> There are the character-squeezes.  Some of these people are characters
>>> in Justine, and some are not.  There is one that particularly arouses
>>> my interest, and that is 'Ahmed Zananiri: pole-star criminal'.  
>>> Durrell
>>> knew a Zananiri in Alexandria (his first name was Gaston, and he 
>>> served
>>> in some measure as the model for Balthazar); but what does 'pole-star
>>> criminal' bring to mind?
>>> :Michael
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