[ilds] Bitter Lemons

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I disagree.


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>Marc Piel wrote:
>> Surely you are all "readers" and doing exactly 
>> what Barthes described????
>That's exactly the point.  Even when we pursue the author's intentions 
>in lieu of our own instincts or predispositions, we are the one's in 
>control.  I'm sure even Michael would admit that he is a good example of 
>a very strong reader...
>Meanwhile, Bruce commented:
>> I just don't believe Barthes's axiom and will not turn
> > a literary work over to the whims of the reader.
>Ah, Bruce, but in these matters the reader has a whim of iron, as 
>Betjeman might have put it.  Even pursuing the author's biographical 
>essentialism is the reader's whim, and I know very few readers who will 
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