[ilds] Bitter Lemons

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Ah, French rationality trumps American woolly thinking.  I guess I'm a Bushy without knowing it.


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>Sorry Bruce, but I am glad your assumption was 
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>> How inconvenient, but only a minor inconvenience.  Let's not be deterred by facts.  I propose that Durrell actually "planned" his trip to coincide with Othello's.  He followed his intuitions.  He let it "flower out of his nature," more or less, as he begins the story, and that nature naturally looks for literary antecedents in connection with islands.  What better one than Shakespeare, that old standby?  From The Tempest (Prospero's Cell and Corfu) to Othello (Bitter Lemons and Cyprus, another kind of cell).  How did he know his adventure would turn into a tragedy?  Well, he didn't, but then neither did Othello.  Durrell has some of Shakespeare's intuitions.
>> Bruce
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>>>Perversely, Durrell did actually sail from Venice.
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>>>>Bruce asks:
>>>>>now that Durrell's fictive approach to non-fiction
>>>>>has been exposed, I wonder about the opening in
>>>>>Venice.  Did he actually start his journey in la
>>>>>Serenissima or was it bit of invention -- a nod
>>>>>towards the beginning of Othello and the tragedy
>>>>>both the Moor and Durrell encounter on Cyprus?
>>>>I would not be at all surprised if your speculation is right, though
>>>>it's primarily a biographical matter.  In my experience, Durrell works
>>>>quite freely with his "creative non-fiction."  Comparing the travel
>>>>books or short stories to his letters usually points out numerous
>>>>But, I like that opening...  If it's fiction, I'm glad he changed the

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