[ilds] the hydroplane?

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I think Bill that maybe Durrell wasn't thinking of Gatsby, but his own 
experience. The place where Durrell probably saw hydroplanes was Corfu. I 
have no documented reference by him, but in Corfu airport there are pictures 
of the first airplane service to the island which was by hydroplane in the 
late 30s I believe--and I think, but I am not sure, that the planes landed 
somewhere up north not near Corfu town (maybe Richard knows something more 
about this!).

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One of the great mysteries of American literature is: what happened
to Gatsby's hydroplane? Gatsby asks Nick Carraway over for trial run
-- and then the hydroplane disappears.

But it reappears in the Duck Shoot episode, obviously appropriated by
Durrell. In terms of dollars and cents this may be Durrell's most
egregious appropriation to date. It has taken me years to trace what
happened to Gatsby's hydroplane, and I shall be reporting this to
Thursday Next for investigation.

Regarding my cursory collation of the Duck Shoot, it is now complete
-- and I found an added "a" and a few commas that have been removed.

Have we discussed why the Duck Shoot is written in the present tense?

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