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One of the changes Durrell makes between his notes and the finished product is to alter something about the gun, or the sight, I forget exactly what, which makes Darley a TALLER man.  

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Yes, Charlie, that Justine gives Darley a Purdy (one of the best   shotguns made -- you can find more information online -- which see)   is surely significant. But why does he need the best gun?     
Could you do me a favor, Bill?  I am up here in New York, so I do not have all of my books and notes as I would like.  Could you collate the paragraph "Justine and I are moving through the spiderweb" in Faber 1/1 Justine against the Faber 1962?  You will note, I think, that Durrell tidies up the shotgun's make--from "light" to "stout."  Durrell also makes several other changes throughout the Duck Shoot.  I apologize that I cannot offer more than memory, but I would prefer to be accurate.  Thanks!

Da Capo's touch may be a goodbye gesture. Or the kiss of death?    I come from a poor hunting family -- shotguns and rifles all around   -- some handguns -- but we never went duck hunting. We were basically   a rabbit/deer family. And we never really got started early in the morning.    
Yes, I have to admit that my reading of the Duck Shoot is inflected by my own experience.  Although we owned quite a bit of land and leased rights to several ranches, I would not have enjoyed such a large hunt as presented in Justine.  To this day I cannot easily contemplate hunting without the idea of stewardship and caretaking.  The land and the game must be watched and kept up year round for the hunt to count.  Yes, this is a bit elitist.  And now that I live a scholar's life on a scholar's means, I naturally do not wish to hunt.   


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