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Bill and Charles, if I may break into your dialogue with a little dissonance.  First, thanks to Charles for providing the image of a Purdy, which I've always wondered about.  Second, I don't go too deeply into character motivation here.  I took the Purdy to signify pretty much what "the great silver Rolls with the daffodil hub-caps" does -- that is, another touch of the exotic, or "adventitious," as Durrell might phrase it.  If you like skies of "hot nude pearl," you'll like a Purdy inlaid with a mother of pearl stock, which is sort of the way I imagined the high-end shotgun before seeing one "in the flesh."  Let's not forget that Alexandria and the Hosnani family represent, in part, wealth and extravagance.  I've lived in Hong Kong during the good old colonial days, and there I saw lots of Rolls-Royces and other symbols of conspicuous consumption.  Ken Seigneurie probably has something to say about all this and Edward Said, too, were he still around and deigned to comment.


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>Yes, Charlie, that Justine gives Darley a Purdy (one of the best 
>shotguns made -- you can find more information online -- which see) 
>is surely significant. But why does he need the best gun? Because 
>he'll need enough gun to get him through the day? Or is this a 
>goodbye present? Or a warning? If so, why this? He doesn't seem to 
>hunt on the nameless island -- or does he? Does he give the gun back to Nessim?
>Da Capo's touch may be a goodbye gesture. Or the kiss of death?
>I come from a poor hunting family -- shotguns and rifles all around 
>-- some handguns -- but we never went duck hunting. We were basically 
>a rabbit/deer family. And we never really got started early in the morning.
>Bill (for starters)

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