[ilds] the great duck shoot

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Fri Jun 15 14:52:50 PDT 2007

Yes, Charlie, that Justine gives Darley a Purdy (one of the best 
shotguns made -- you can find more information online -- which see) 
is surely significant. But why does he need the best gun? Because 
he'll need enough gun to get him through the day? Or is this a 
goodbye present? Or a warning? If so, why this? He doesn't seem to 
hunt on the nameless island -- or does he? Does he give the gun back to Nessim?

Da Capo's touch may be a goodbye gesture. Or the kiss of death?

I come from a poor hunting family -- shotguns and rifles all around 
-- some handguns -- but we never went duck hunting. We were basically 
a rabbit/deer family. And we never really got started early in the morning.

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