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Bill, after your presentation at Avignon on Durrell's consultation with friends about Istanbul (which, I agree, he probably didnt visit, and hence his anxiety to get details correct) I gave you information, subsequently incorporated in my book (sorry Bruce Whitewine) which you were unaware of, your reaction being 'Why didnt S----- C-- tell me abou this when I was in Carbondale?' - the evidence is plentiful, and I will now add the Williams to that in the next edition - thanks. RP
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              To his friend Gwyn Williams, Durrell confided that a part of the narrative he was working on in 1965 (Tunc/Nunquam) was to be set in Turkey, and, since Williams was attached to the British Council in Istanbul and was himself writing a travel book about Turkey, Durrell applied to him for help. Williams responded by inviting Durrell for a visit. About a year later, Durrell had yet to appear, and Williams had sent him "two brochures on Istanbul" apparently accompanied by a map of the city (March 11, 1966). Although Williams reiterated his invitation to Durrell, as far as I can tell, Durrell never made the trip to Istanbul. 

  I now have a copy of Williams's Turkey: A Traveller's Guide and History. Faber first published it in 1967, and after a cursory examination, I find no reference to Durrell. However, it might be interesting to compare Williams's guide closely with The Revolt of Aphrodite. 


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