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You word me, Bill.

(Ant. & Cleo. 5.2.190)


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>Bill, great writers createfictional worlds in which we want to enter and share.  That doesn'tmake these worlds or characters real, and it's probably preferable thatthey're not.  That's why Durrell sat in his armchair in Sommieres,read books, and then wrote travel literature about travels in hisimagination.
>Bruce, verbal artists use words. "Shall I project aworld?" Driblette uses actors to embody the words of Wharfinger. Butwhat about those of us who do not have other voices (like readers ofaudiobooks) to read our words aloud? 
>I sit down in my easy chair among my books next to the fireplace (not onduring the summer), etc. It's very quiet -- once the books go to sleep. Iread alone. I like to read alone. But I read words on a page; I do notenter another world.
>Metaphor!  Of course all language is metaphoric. Jack Raper manyyears ago challenged me to say something that was not metaphoric. Icouldn't do it. 
>Anyway entering a fictional world is far more romantic than readingalone. 

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