[ilds] du fond de mon coeur

Bruce Redwine bredwine1968 at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 13 12:45:43 PDT 2007

Marc, everything sounds better in French.  I'll have to try this one on my wife.



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>Hello Bruce. Thank you!
>In french: "Je t'aime du fond de mon coeur"
>Not only do I recall the inscription; here is a 
>photo of it. Je revendique le copyright sur le 
>photo! Ha!.
>Marc Piel
>Bruce Redwine wrote:
>> Marc, I like your post.  Can you provide the French for "from bottom of my heart?"  And do you recall the French on Maupassant's grave?
>> Merci,
>> Bruce
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>>>Hello everyone,
>>>Some of you must have numeric versions of these 
>>>texts to be able to so easily find "words", etc... 
>>>It is very difficult for me to follow all of your 
>>>posts; Quantity and contents an I don't have 
>>>access to the same material.
>>>Have you ever suddenly become aware of something 
>>>that you had never taken any notice of before and 
>>>suddenly everywhere you turned, everything you 
>>>did, "it was there"? This can happen for an idea, 
>>>a word, a colour, a phrase, a concept. We all live 
>>>in a moveable environment - and it is moving 
>>>faster and faster - some of us are more or less 
>>>"sensitive" to it.
>>>This inevitably happened to LD also (very, very, 
>>>sensitive), and became part of his writing.
>>>I recently told a woman (no lewd comments please) 
>>>that I loved "her from the bottom of my heart".
>>>I think I had never used that expression in my 
>>>life and since, everywhere I turn it comes up.
>>>Even our new french président used it in his 
>>>inaugural speech and last sunday I was showing 
>>>some visitors around; we were in a Paris cemetery; 
>>>discovered Maupassant's grave, and there on an 
>>>enamelled plate was that expression again.
>>>Probably, I picked it up unconsciously and used 
>>>it. Surely this is a natural thing to do and 
>>>cannot be called "plagarism", or copying, or 
>>>anything done on purpose. When I read a book, I 
>>>often note phrases that impress me or that make me 
>>>think; not sure what I do with them after that. I 
>>>have piles of little cards and often I don't know 
>>>what know anymore what their source was - and it 
>>>doesn't really matter. By the way I am neither a 
>>>teacher nor a writer; I am a designer - I draw, 
>>>today on a computer: I'm just just someone 
>>>interested in ideas, like many people!
>>>Marc Piel

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