[ilds] The real behind the fictional people and situations

Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Wed Jun 13 11:01:17 PDT 2007

I entirely agree with Michael. There are three 
components in the AQ, LD himself in different 
disguises, people he knew and met, and the other 
personality is the city; I even spent a week there 
walking in the footsteps of the AQ. It is LD 
sensitivity and his creativity that makes it all 
so real!
Marc Piel

william godshalk wrote:

>> I still call it fiction.  Lawrence Durrell, as Michael Haag shows, 
>> also took similar pains with representing the people and places of 
>> Alexandria.  I still call that fiction.  This seems self-evident to 
>> me, but maybe not.
>> writes Bruce.
> Yes, no matter what, fictional characters are merely words on paper or 
> screen. I wrote the following some years ago:
>      Literary characters are merely words (or, to be precise, certain 
> marks that some readers interpret as words) in a certain order on a page 
> or, nowadays, on a computer screen. Clearly, literary characters do not 
> have the same ontological status that we do. And yet we humans talk 
> about literary characters as if they were living creatures with 
> volition, agency, and a full complement of human attributes. Borges can 
> write, and we can understand: "Vanquished by reality, by Spain, Don 
> Quixote died in his native village in the year 1614. He was survived but 
> a short time by Miguel de Cervantes." We know that literary characters 
> do not exist as humans exist, and yet we write about them as if they do. 
> How do we account for this apparent double-think?
> I realize that this paragraph does not exactly address Bruce's comment, 
> but it may add to the debate.
> Bill
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