[ilds] palimpsest

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 14:00:08 PDT 2007

I've taught Durrell's "Zero & Asylum in the Snow" back to back with "The
Yellow Wallpaper," though I don't think Durrell used the previous text.  So
far as I know, the palimpsest equating to the wallpaper is a new reading.


On 6/12/07 12:37 PM, "Durrell School of Corfu" <durrells at otenet.gr> wrote:

> I draw your attention to a not very well-written article b y Kim Verwaayen in
> (R Pine ed) Creativity, Madness and Civilisation (Cambridge SCholars
> Publishing, 2007) on Charlotte Gilman Perkins' 'The Yellow Wallpaper' in which
> the 'palimpsest' is discussed in terms of 'smooching' and scraping along the
> wallpaper - the story/novella is well-known, this treatment may not be.
> RP

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