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I trust David's ear here, who is a Classicist.  I agree.  Durrell is probably dipping into the Greeks, probably Aristophanes, who, after all, is a soulmate of Durrell's -- one who one would enjoy slingers farting like goats.  (The Greeks as a whole seems to enjoy a good fart -- I recall that the reconstruction of the arrangement of oarsmen on a Greek trireme was based on some classical reference to one line of rowers farting in another line's faces.)  The "leather phallus," however, seems to me Roman, but maybe not.  Plautus?  Anyway, I'm probably under the influence of Fellini here.  But David would know.


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>This paragraph in Justine "with a column on the march.. open a major artery"
>sounds to me more like references to ancient Greece than to Petronius.

>The only seemingly direct reference to a Greek text I can come up with is
>the following from Aristophanes' Clouds:
>...schoolboys in naked ranks marching two abreast at dawn to the school of
>the Harpmaster, through falling snow as thick as meal.

>Aristophanes (Loeb 960-965):

>To hear then prepare of the discipline rare which flourished in Athens of
>When Honour and Truth were in fashion with youth and Sobriety bloomed on our
>First of all the old rule was preserved in our school that "boys should be
>seen and not heard"
>And then to the home of the Harpist would come decorous in action and word
>All the lads of one town, though the snow peppered down, in spite of all
>wind and all weather

>This doesn't explain the full paragraph in Durrell, however, nor is it
>necessarily a direct Durrell quote from Aristophanes. 
>The "man with a torn ear" seems a reference to something the reader is
>expected to recognize. 

>Maybe Bruce is right and there are several sources here. Any more ideas?
>David Holdsworth

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