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   As to portions cut out of the MSS. version of Marine Venus :
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> Is the pre-cuts MS of Marine Venus lying around anywhere?  Any idea,
> James, of the precise nature of the cuts?
> :Michael
I have been away for ten days in Washington State, and am catching up 
on past ILDS messages.   In the question of whether large chunks cut 
out of Marine Venus, I recall that David Roessell, (name sp?)  had 
investigated this closely , and he had  talked with --or had 
correspondence with --the woman who was an editor at Faber & Faber,
Anne Ridler,  who did the editorial work.  I gathered that the MS. was 
shorted by considerable --30 or 40 % maybe, --(I'm guessing) and that, 
yes, no doubt these portions cut out would probably have survived 
somewhere in the archives.   This all came out at one of the Durrell 
Society's meetings, ten or a dozen years ago.
	  By checking the index to Ian MacNiven's biography, much of this 
story emerges quite plainly.  See:  MacNiven, 373 :  "His [Durrell's] 
discontent was increased by his seemingly eternal need to revise 
Reflections on a Marine Venus, which the Faber editors had told him 
lacked shape and pace and must be cut by almost half.  His staunch 
friend Anne Ridler, still Eliot's assistant at Faber, would eventually 
come to h is rescue  ..." etc. etc.
   If I were doing any research  on this issue, which  I am not, I would 
talk to MacNiven and determine where the correspondence with Anne 
Ridler is located  [no doubt at the Faber publishing offices?], and 
there does seem to be quite a job of research to be done on this whole 
subject.  Anne Ridler may still be a living presence, too, for all that 
  I know.   If she is retired and living in  London, why not talk to 
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