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Douglas Bush, my dissertation director (or he would have been, but we 
had "theses" rather than "dissertations") used to say that 
similarities were less interesting that differences. I think I've 
already made that comment, but it's still a good thought. The 
similarities between Warner and Durrell simply tell us that Durrell 
took material from Warner.

But this is one of Durrell's additions to Warner: "Macedonian 
slingers-of-the-line farting like goats." Warner has no farting 
goats, nor no slingers-of-the-line.

For some years after I first read this line, I had no idea what 
Durrell meant by "farting like goats." But in 1964-1965 I had the 
distinct pleasure of living next door to a herd of goats. A goat fart 
sounds like a .22 rifle shot. Rather disconcerting the first time you 
hear it from the adjoining field.

But why do Durrell's slingers fart like goats?

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