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Picking up Herodotus's story where Charles left off, on his way to get more "Gavandum dry-hopping beer":

"That is what happened to the expedition against the Ethiopians.  Those of the army of Cambyses who were sent against the Ammonians started out from Thebes and marched along, with guides.  People saw them reach the city of the Oasis, possessed by those of the Samians who are said to be of the Aeschrionian tribe.  These people live some seven days' march from Thebes through the desert, and this place is called in Greek the Isle of the Blessed.  To it, it is said, the army came; after that, no one is able to say anything at all about them except the Ammonians and such as have their information from them.  They never came to the Ammonians, and they never came back again.  What the Ammonians say about them is this:  when they were on their road from the Oasis, while they were taking breakfast there blew upon them suddenly a violent southern wind, bringing with it piles of sand, which buried them; thus it was that they utterly disappeared.  That is what the Ammonians tell as the story of the destruction of that army."  (The History:  Herodotus, trans. David Grene, Chicago, Univ. of Chicago, 1987, sec. 3.26)


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>Bruce writes: I go along withCharles's confluence of allusions and will throw something else into thestew:  Herodotus's account of Cambyses's disastrous campaign inEthiopia and the loss of another army in a sandstorm (3.25-26). Those descriptions seem closer to Durrell's.
>This should be looked into, Bruce. Do you have Herodituslying (all travelers are) about?

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