[ilds] DG Justine -- language of the great cycle of historical dreams and Borges

James Gifford gifford at uvic.ca
Thu Jun 7 09:33:03 PDT 2007

> I did make the interesting
> reading once, aligning Nessim's "cycle of historical
> dreams" against Borges little story, "The Immortal."
> ...  What is behind their classical
> dreams?  I think of Flaubert. . . .

I'd always assumed (without looking it up -- I hadn't given it great
thought) that Nessim's series of historical dreams were inspired by
Jung's premonitions of WWI, although now that I casually look it up, I
don't think Jung discussed this until just prior to his death, which
would put the first publication at 1962 in _Memories, Dreams,
Reflections_.  I may be wrong about that publication date and/or about
this being the first appearance of his discussion of his series of
Historical Dreams.  Any Jung scholars have an answer?

That said, it's a fascinating passage in the novel as a whole, and
when I've discussed it in classes, I've used it to connect with the
opening war scenes in _Clea_, against which it juxtaposes nicely.
Moreover, the "palimpsestuous" overlaying of histories and places
figures both with regard to the novels' multiple texts, the
relationship between the books, and the potential 'premonition' of
_Clea_ even though we know he wasn't necessarily envisioning it while
writing _Justine_.


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