[ilds] DG Justine -- Durrell and Borges

william godshalk godshawl at email.uc.edu
Thu Jun 7 07:26:07 PDT 2007

Actually, Bruce, Charlie will have to take credit for suggesting 
Borges, so that sly Sligh was the slipper in.

Innocently, Bill

At 09:49 AM 6/7/2007, you wrote:
>Bill, thanks for the tip about Borges's "The Immortal."  I read 
>it.  The day is "late."  So, I don't think that's Durrell's source, 
>unless you want to say time runs backwards:  a story published in 
>1962 influences a story written around 1955.  Nor does the fantastic 
>tone of the Borges story match Durrell's, which sounds to me closer 
>to Arrian's factual account.  But I must credit your 
>cleverness:  for trying to slip in some evidence on the plagiarism 
>debate.  Isn't that what the story is all about, demonstrating the 
>inevitability of plariarism?  I.e., in the end, everyone's words 
>will get all mixed together, and there'll be no distinguishing 
>anyone from anyone else?

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