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In what way do you think the 2005 version of MFOA differs (better or worse) 
than the 1980s version? Many Corfiots would be interested in your answer. RP
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> The production of My Family and Other Animals demonstrates the 
> difficulties of transposing Gerald Durrell's wacky and poetic novel onto 
> film.  It's neither funny nor lyrical.  The latter would require 
> imaginative camera work, perhaps the kind the great Japanese director 
> Akira Kurosawa was capable of or the great French director, Claire Denis. 
> The former needs a script and actors that can do more than make the plot 
> appear like a bunch of weirdos doing slapstick.  The young actor 
> portraying Larry was particularly bad.  In Gerald's book, his older 
> brother comes across as an ambitious writer on the make.  In the film, 
> he's simply a colossal jerk.  The Corfu scenery was interesting, in a 
> postcard kind of way, but largely wasted.  I would like to see what Denis 
> would do with it. (In fact, I would like to see Denis tackle the Avignon 
> Quintet -- that's her kind of weird stuff.)  Given a good script, actors, 
> and director, period pieces set in the Mediterranean can be successful. 
> Here, I cite the British adaptation of Olivia Manning's Balkan and Levant 
> Trilogies (The Fortunes of War [1987]), shot on location, which featured 
> the acting of the magnificent Emma Thompson.  A tremendous film in all 
> respects.  That crew could have done something interesting with the 
> Alexandria Quartet.  They'd probably have failed, but it would have been 
> provocative and memorable.
> Bruce
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>>In what sense was it 'terrible'? RP
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>>> Is this the fairly recent British adaptation of My Family and Other
>>> Animals?  If so, that was terrible.  The only good thing about it being
>>> Corfu.  If not, this is apparently a rip off of a rip off -- an example 
>>> of
>>> the downhill path of unlicensed borrowings.
>>> Bruce
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>>>>Hello everyone,
>>>>I came across this by accident: on the European tv
>>>>channel "Arté" tonight; "Jours tranquilles à
>>>>Corfu" (quite days in Corfu), an english dramatic
>>>>comedy by Sheree (sic) Folkson with Eugene Simon,
>>>>Imelda Staunton, Tamiz Merchant, Russelle Tovey,
>>>>Mathew Goode... Dans les années trente, une
>>>>famille britanique fantasque prend ses quartiers
>>>>d'été en Corfu.
>>>>I only looked at the beginning... that was more
>>>>than enough. After this monstrous mediocrity, I
>>>>would accept any brilliant and clever borrowings
>>>>from a tallented writer like LD. Surely we must
>>>>put things into perspective. How can such a film
>>>>be allowed????? This question is directed to the
>>>>academics and to the people who make laws on
>>>>intellectual property! In this case intellectual
>>>>Marc Piel
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