[ilds] Durrell's art of pastiche

Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
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Hello everyone,
I came across this by accident: on the European tv 
channel "Arté" tonight; "Jours tranquilles à 
Corfu" (quite days in Corfu), an english dramatic 
comedy by Sheree (sic) Folkson with Eugene Simon, 
Imelda Staunton, Tamiz Merchant, Russelle Tovey, 
Mathew Goode... Dans les années trente, une 
famille britanique fantasque prend ses quartiers 
d'été en Corfu.
I only looked at the beginning... that was more 
than enough. After this monstrous mediocrity, I 
would accept any brilliant and clever borrowings 
from a tallented writer like LD. Surely we must 
put things into perspective. How can such a film 
be allowed????? This question is directed to the 
academics and to the people who make laws on 
intellectual property! In this case intellectual 
Marc Piel

william godshalk wrote:

> It seems at this point that we are not going to reach a consensus on 
> Durrell's composition habits, i.e. not identifying material he has 
> taken from others. Bruce finds all such borrowing reprehensible. 
> Jamie and Charlie want to contextualize the borrowing and thus temper 
> Bruce's judgment. I want to look at this "borrowing" from the 
> student's point of view. On the one hand a student is told not to 
> borrow without footnoting, on the other, the student is shown that 
> professional writers steal with both hands -- and the hell with 
> footnotes. Marc seems to wonder what the fuss is about, and Ilyas 
> finds Jamie's position most balanced. Michael seems to be annoyed 
> that the academics on the list are not standing firm on the issue of 
> plagiarism.
> Can a major literary figure take paragraph after paragraph of other 
> writers' work and scape judgment?
> Bill
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