[ilds] the Quartet and its Genome

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Dr. Antony Durrell has an interesting question about Lawrence Durrell's method of characterization in the Quartet. Does this method represent an Einsteinian continuum?


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>So if one followed my suggestion that LD may have played with the 
>3 spatial dimensions intersected and enlivened by the 4th dimension of 
>time as a quaternary framework for his characters in the AQ then his 
>selective sculpting and shaping of the characters of C+B+M+J may reflect 
>this hypothesis.... thus I wonder if the 4 characters in the AQ could be 
>seen viewed as having a variable level of exposition....could one argue 
>that one character is explored least in just one dimension, so to speak, 
>then a second character being explored in a two dimensional fashion, 
>then the third character being more fully formed and solid with three 
>dimensions leaving the fourth character to represent a more 
>chronologically based and intersecting character representing the fourth 
>dimension of time who weaves the other three together?
>Those in the group with fuller perspective on the idiosyncrasies of the 
>AQ personalities may have some thoughts on whether LD may have encoded 
>and enmeshed the four AQ personas with an einsteinian imprint which 
>echoes the interdependency of the 4 space-time dimensions.....AD

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