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On 6/3/2007 8:27 PM, william godshalk wrote:

> Fussell claims that Robert Byron's /The Road to Oxiana/ (1937) is the 
> /Ulysses/ or /The Waste Land /"of modern travel books" (p. 108). It 
> "juxtaposes into a sort of collage the widest variety of rhetorical 
> materials: news clippings, public signs and notices, letters . . . " 
> (108). Although /The Road to Oxiana/ has no bibliography, it does have 
> a thorough index. *Would you say that this is the one to compare to 
> Durrell's travel writing? *

A brief "yes" from my foreign desk in Belsize Lane, London.  I recall 
reading Fussell and then going into Byron.  In both cases I found it 
recast my ideas of what Durrell was up to in /Prospero's Cell /and 
/Marine Venus/.  And in a most curious way because, as Bill will remind 
me, I believe that for Fussell Durrell comes after the grand epoch of 
travel closes.  And of course as too many have said and will say, we 
should discriminate books of residence versus books of travel. 

I do not have those books along or I could say more.  But maybe a 
neighbor around here would loan me one?


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