[ilds] plagiarism and borrowing by authors

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My rule is simple.  If you write travel literature and use other sources, you make a note at the back and list them, as Durrell does.  If you use small or big chunks of someone else's prose, you find a way to indicate that (quotation marks, footnotes, direct reference to a person, etc.).  You don't, you absolutely don't pass off someone else's prose as your own.  That's deception.  Isn't this commonsense?


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>>Is that fair?
>I would like to particularize the debate.  None of what I am about to 
>ask ends any discussion or frees Durrell's /works /from our 
>questioning.  (However, the old fellow himself will always elude our 
>assertions and convictions and ultimate understanding.  "Mr. Larry.  He 
>But what about the tradition of travel writing as explored in general by 
>Paul Fussell in /Abroad /and in specific by David Roessel in his Durrell 
>articles?  What was the tradition of travel writers using historical 
>sources and the memoirs of other travelers?  What did Norman Douglas do 
>with his sources in /Old Calabria/? or Robert Byron in /The Road to 
>Oxiana/? or Freya Stark in /The Valley of the Assassins/?  or, to make 
>another jump to something between fiction and fact, what about Forster 
>in /Pharos and Pharillon/?  Or Flaubert in /Salammbo/?
>Douglas I will say has a very smooth surface to his narrative, barely 
>interrupted by any apparatus such as footnotes.  He does openly nod to a 
>source within the flow of the narrative with some frequency, and again 
>he was a marvellously self-conscious and wry indexer, but what else?  
>Surely it was "bad form" in that tradition to put out too academic of a 
>Again, we are free to applaud or condemn as we choose in this 
>discussion.  But I have real difficulty in not particularizing the 
>context before issuing the citation.
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