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>Is that fair?
I would like to particularize the debate.  None of what I am about to 
ask ends any discussion or frees Durrell's /works /from our 
questioning.  (However, the old fellow himself will always elude our 
assertions and convictions and ultimate understanding.  "Mr. Larry.  He 

But what about the tradition of travel writing as explored in general by 
Paul Fussell in /Abroad /and in specific by David Roessel in his Durrell 
articles?  What was the tradition of travel writers using historical 
sources and the memoirs of other travelers?  What did Norman Douglas do 
with his sources in /Old Calabria/? or Robert Byron in /The Road to 
Oxiana/? or Freya Stark in /The Valley of the Assassins/?  or, to make 
another jump to something between fiction and fact, what about Forster 
in /Pharos and Pharillon/?  Or Flaubert in /Salammbo/?

Douglas I will say has a very smooth surface to his narrative, barely 
interrupted by any apparatus such as footnotes.  He does openly nod to a 
source within the flow of the narrative with some frequency, and again 
he was a marvellously self-conscious and wry indexer, but what else?  
Surely it was "bad form" in that tradition to put out too academic of a 

Again, we are free to applaud or condemn as we choose in this 
discussion.  But I have real difficulty in not particularizing the 
context before issuing the citation.


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