[ilds] Excuses?

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Marc, I'm not the "moderator," but it's my understanding that the ILDS is a free-for-all.  Any crazy person can say any crazy thing, within the bounds of propriety, he or she likes.  The French, of all people, understand this principle the best.  And I still have a lot more crazy things to say.


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>How many people like me are on your list??? I 
>should be considered like a student... I don't 
>make my living out of this. Sometime I have the 
>feeling that there are five or six people out 
>there having a monoloque; is that what your 
>students feel??? What excuses do you have?
>Marc Piel
>william godshalk wrote:
>> I think the problem for academics is that we punish students when 
>> they borrow without quotation marks or footnotes.
>> But when Larry does it, we attempt to excuse the borrowings in a 
>> variety of ways.
>> Perhaps we should attempt to excuse our students with the same vigor 
>> as we use to excuse Durrell.
>> Bill
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