[ilds] student plagiarism and borrowing by authors

william godshalk godshawl at email.uc.edu
Sun Jun 3 13:31:24 PDT 2007


This was aimed at the academics on the list. I admit it.

I believe that my students feel that I don't talk enough.

I use the modified Socratic method when I teach. I ask students to 
confront and answer questions. I do not give them answers, only questions.

For example, I would ask them to confront the paradox of teachers 
defending plagiarism in a major author, and at the same time 
disciplining students who do the same thing, calling it plagiarism. 
Durrell copies from Sophie Fitzgerald and we defend him. Students 
copy from the same source without using footnotes, and the student 
may be expelled from the university. The student's record is 
tarnished; Durrell's is not.

Is that fair?

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