[ilds] Durrell and Atkinson

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 17:23:15 PDT 2007

Charles notes:

> I am recalling the evocative description of
> how in the Alexandrian Postscript to
> Prospero's Cell L recalls how he and N
> "destroyed" the books and notebooks before
> abandoning the house.

Alas, it's another famous Durrell lie (I think), much like finding Henry
Miller's _Tropic of Cancer_ in a public toilet (it was actually given to
him) or _The Black Book_ being his first book rather than his third...
Durrell tells how the White House was blasted apart by German bombs, as was
the Shrine of Saint Arsenius (if I recall correctly) in his "A Landmark
Gone," neither of which is true, even though it makes for a more poetical
story.  I think Durrell was keen for his audience to appreciate some of the
trauma of the war, much like he apparently had intended for _Reflections on
a Marine Venus_ before the infamous cuts.


Durrell, Lawrence "A Landmark Gone." Middle East Anthology. Eds. John Waller
and Erik de Mauny. London: Lindsay Drummond, Ltd., 1946. 19-21.

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