[ilds] Atkinson and Durrell again one more time

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Undoubtedly Durrell wrote better than most of his sources.  I don't think, however, that's any excuse for plagiarism.


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>I don't want to be one sided, althought it was 
>pointed out earlier, probably rightly, that we are 
>not able to be neutral, but surely these are a 
>question of "source" and "influence" much more 
>than plagia! Michael's case seems more doubtfull, 
>but so far in my opinion it is alone. It is also 
>possible to say that LD wrote better than those 
>who were his sources!!! How about some remarks on 
>Marc Piel
>william godshalk wrote:
>> " . . . he took part in the great council of Nicea, where he gave 
>> miraculous testimony of the then disputed doctrine of the Trinity by 
>> casting a brick (which he must have secreted about his person) to the 
>> ground, where it immediately gushed fire and water in one."
>> "He was one of the fathers at the famous council of Nicaea, A. D. 
>> 325, and it is recorded that there he gave miraculous testimony to 
>> the disputed doctrine of the Holy Trinity; for a brick which he had 
>> in his right hand was suddenly hurled to the ground and from it a 
>> stream of water and fire burst forth, thus demonstrating the Trinity 
>> in unity."
>> This is an easy one.
>> I'll stop now. But it does seem that our boy was being a bit free 
>> with poor Sophie's book.
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