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On 6/2/2007 7:51 PM, James Gifford wrote:

>Michael asks:
>>1) ... Durrell escaped from Greece in 1941
>>with little or nothing; I am not aware that
>>he brought any notebooks with him ...
>>2) Durrell wrote Prospero's Cell in Alexandria.
>>3) Either point 1 is wrong and Durrell did
>>somehow bring some things to Egypt, or Durrell
>>was able to obtain a copy of Atkinson in Egypt.
>Durrell compiled some significant amount of material for _Prospero's Cell_
>while (or before) he was on Kalamata -- his letter in the Gennadius glued
>inside their copy of _Prospero's Cell_ speaks of "completing" a book about
>Corfu, not starting one...  His address was listed as on Kalamata.  This
>would imply that Durrell left Greece with at least some of his notebooks, or
>perhaps more plausibly, he'd sent a draft to Thomas who then sent it back to
>him.  Perhaps he had a small batch of notebooks with him on Kalamata and
>lost those that had remained on Corfu.
In a completely associative way that is only of uncertain 
historical-bibliographical value, I am recalling the evocative 
description of how in the Alexandrian Postscript to /Prospero's Cell /L 
recalls how he and N "destroyed" the books and notebooks before 
abandoning the house.


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